Gardens To Visit In The WGC Area

The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

Visitor Information
Address: 4800 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO
Hours: 8 a.m. to dusk
Admission: Free
Garden Information Line: 816-932-1200
Group Tours: To arrange a visit for a group of 10 or more, please call 816-932-1200

The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden
This 2-acre garden is part of the Kauffman Legacy Park in the heart of Kansas City. Powell Gardens, in partnership with the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, manages and maintains the garden.

Garden Overview
The Kauffman Memorial Garden is a serene and tranquil garden enclosed by beautiful limestone walls. Its brick paths lead to many places to sit and relax. The garden showcases five designs beginning with a beautiful entrance allee of Peking Tree Lilacs shading billowing blue Endless Summer Hydrangeas and other seasonal flowers.

Green Garden
The Green Garden’s centerpiece is where water jumps in a playful octagonal pool. It is bordered on the south by a beautiful pergola of overhead planter boxes filled with cascading seasonal flowers that create a space where Mrs. Kauffman’s favorite flower, the gardenia, can be found during the growing season. Four beds surround each corner of the garden containing spring-blooming magnolias.

The conservatory “orangery” flanks the north side of the green garden and offers a sheltered gathering place for visitors and a site for fragrant seasonal plants encircled by six large pindo palm trees. The Christmas display is a seasonal highlight, and a must-see during a Plaza area visit.

Parterre Garden
The Parterre “Canal” Garden is home to a majestic long pool where bronze figures by local artist Tom Corbin dance in the water. The long canal pool is lined with a colorful display of annuals and tropicals that change with each season. Paths behind rows of flowering crabapples feature long borders of beautiful perennials.

Secret Garden
The secluded Secret Garden behind the conservatory features its own distinctive watery accents in the form of jumping fountains that delight visitors young and old.
The Kauffmans’ world travels inspired the creation of the garden for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community. The space artfully includes plants from both Muriel and Ewing’s heritage by using species popular to Canada and Missouri.
All together, the garden features 7,000 plants, varieties that include vintage and modern perennials, annuals, shrubs, bulbs and trees.

Did you know? All together, the Kauffman Memorial Garden features 7,000 plants, with varieties that include vintage and modern perennials, annuals, shrubs, bulbs and trees.

Kansas City Community Gardens
Non-Profit Organization
Address: 6917 Kensington Ave, Kansas City, MO 64132
Phone:(816) 931-3877

Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday Closed

The mission of Kansas City Community Gardens is to assist low-income households and community groups in the Kansas City metropolitan area to produce vegetables and fruit from garden plots located in backyards, vacant lots, and at community sites. KCCG supports Kansas City’s gardeners as they work to transform the food system, along with their nutritional habits, in backyard and community garden spaces throughout the metropolitan area.

For over thirty years, KCCG staff have assisted community and backyard gardeners throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area to improve nutrition, reduce food costs, combat obesity, increase physical activity, encourage neighborhood leadership, and promote locally grown and sustainable food. KCCG began in 1979 as the Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry’s “Community Garden Project,” an initiative started to help low-income families save money on grocery bills. In 1985, the organization became incorporated as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
In 2003 KCCG moved from its original location at the former Old Ballpark Community Garden located at 22nd and Brooklyn to their current location in Swope Park. The Swope Park location allowed for larger administrative offices and the building of our Beanstalk Children’s Garden.

Program Overview:
KCCG provides free gardening workshops, technical assistance, garden supplies, and other resources to individuals, families, neighborhood organizations, nonprofit agencies, and other groups throughout the metropolitan Kansas City area through the Self-Help Gardening and Community Partner Gardens programs. In addition, KCCG’s Schoolyard Gardens program staff help schools to create and grow gardens to improve students’ knowledge about nutrition and the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables to a healthy diet. KCCG’s Beanstalk Children’s Garden complements the efforts of Schoolyard Gardens staff by allowing school and community groups, families, and other visitors to learn about plant science, food production, nutrition, and insects during summer tours of this unique garden. The Beanstalk includes fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens; a seed and grain garden; the Curiosity Garden, filled with strange and unusual plants; and water garden featuring water lilies and floating hyacinths, fish, and frogs.

Jacob L. Loose Park

Address: 5200 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone:(816) 513-7500
Sunday Closed
Monday 12AM-11:59PM
Tuesday 12AM–11:59PM
Wednesday 12AM–11:59PM
Thursday 12AM–11:59PM
Friday 12AM–11:59PM
Saturday Closed

The Park
At 75-acres, Jacob L. Loose Park is one of Kansas City’s most popular, beautiful and historical. The park is well-known locally as being a major site for the Battle of Westport where Confederate forces were routed by Union forces in the area in which the park is now located. It is estimated that 29,000 people were involved in the battle. The property at that time was owned by William Bent, a man who led wagon trains and traded with the Indians.

Seth Ward bought the property in 1871 after William Bent’s death. In 1896 a group of people, many of whom had been members of the golf club near Hyde Park, incorporated the Kansas City Country Club and signed a lease with Seth Ward to use part of his property as a golf course for $1 a year plus taxes. The property included what is now Loose Park and was used as a golf course until 1927. In 1926, Ella Loose bought the property from the Hugh Ward estate (the son of Seth Ward) so that it could be made into a park to honor her husband, Jacob Loose. She gave the property to the city in 1927. Jacob Loose founded the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company, which produced Sunshine Biscuits and other products. He passed away in 1923.

Rose Garden
Kansas City’s municipal rose garden in Loose Park is the realization of a dream that began in 1931, when a group of citizens under the leadership of Laura Conyers Smith established the Kansas City Rose Society. The first garden contained 120 rose plants. Today, there are about 4,000 roses of nearly 168 varieties in the 1.5 acre garden. The garden recently underwent a $400,000 renovation project, which included planting 1,200 new roses and restoring the beds to the original plans.

Notable Events
A notable event in Loose Park was the Wrapped Walk Ways exhibit held in October 1978. Loose Park walkways were wrapped in gold fabric by artist Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude.

Linda Hall Library Urban Arboretum
Address: 5109 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64110-2498
Phone: 816.363.4600
Toll Free: 800.662.1545

The 14 acres surrounding the Library are home to 338 trees representing some 52 genera and 145 species. Beds of viburnum and tree peonies embellish the grounds and provide additional interest while contributing to the park-like setting. The property is managed as an urban arboretum.
The foundation for the arboretum began to take shape in the early 1900s as Herbert and Linda Hall set out to landscape the property around their new home. Working with noted Kansas City landscape architects, Hare and Hare, the Halls introduced a variety of trees that were not native to the Midwest. The Hall’s interest in unusual and underrepresented trees has been carefully and thoughtfully nurtured over the years by the Library’s trustees and staff.

Map of the Arboretum
Coordinates for all the trees in the arboretum were determined using GPS technology and loaded into ArcView mapping software to produce the map below. Point references on the map represent the location of individual trees on the Library’s grounds. Left-clicking on any point provides more detailed information and a photograph of the individual tree. The mapping project is made possible by generous support from the Westport Garden Club.

Self-Guided Tours
Explore the arboretum at your own pace on a free, self-guided tour. Two brochures are available to print in advance or view on your mobile device.

Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
Address: 8909 West 179th Street, Overland Park, KS 66013
Phone:(913) 685-3604
Sunday 8AM–5PM
Monday 8AM–5PM
Tuesday 8AM–5PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
Friday 8AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–5PM

Support and enjoy the Arboretum
The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens was founded to keep the city at the forefront of environmental and ecological issues. A leader of environmentally sound community development, the Arboretum is an educational, recreational and cultural resource for the Kansas City region.

About 85 percent of the property is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. The remaining portion includes traditional botanical gardens, the Environmental Education Visitors Center (EEVC) and maintenance facilities.

Membership Benefits:
$3 for visitors 13 and over
$1 for visitors 6 to 12
Free for 5 and under
Free for Friends of the Arboretum Members. Members also receive additional benefits including participation in a reciprocal program with more than 200 gardens and arboretums.)

Each Tuesday, admission to the Arboretum is free all day. Also, two weekends that will have free weekend admission this year are: March 28-29 and Oct 3-4.

Powell Gardens
Address: 1609 N.W. US Highway 50, Kingsville, MO 64061
Phone:(816) 697-2600
Sunday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday 9AM–5PM

March 12-October 31: Adults/$10, Seniors 60 and over/$9, Children ages 5-12/$4
November 1-March 11: Adults/$7, Seniors 60 and over/$6, Children ages 5-12/$3
Festivals: Adults/$12, Seniors 60 and over/$10, Children ages 5-12/$5

Explore the Gardens
Welcome to Powell Gardens, an experience that celebrates our Midwestern spirit of place. As the area’s major botanical garden, Powell Gardens is a uniquely Kansas City garden that offers much to explore and discover. Major highlights include:

Heartland Harvest Garden
Set on 12 acres, the Heartland Harvest Garden is the nation’s largest “edible” landscape—a delicious place designed to satisfy all of your senses. As you explore each of the gardens within, you’ll learn about the journey of food from seed to plate.

Visitor Education Center and Surrounding Gardens
The Terrace Gardens surrounding the Visitor Education Center display the most up-to-date annuals and tropicals. The spacious indoor conservatory treats visitors to spectacular exhibits that change six times a year.

Fountain and Surrounding Gardens
Just to the north of the Visitor Education Center is a wonderful spot to cool off in the heat of summer. Our dwarf conifer collection is stunning year-round and the Insectary Gardens surrounding the fountain feed the pollinators necessary to produce the delicious fruits of the Heartland Harvest Garden.

Island Garden
The Island Garden displays more than 200 varieties of water plants in its exquisite pools and water containers. Rock garden plants can be found in its “living” wall, which is the largest of its type in North America. Masses of perennials and ornamental shrubs complete the compositions, with a prairie planting covering the “back” half of the island facing the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel.

Meadow & Pavilion
This planting of native prairie grasses and flowers depicts an artistic expression of the tallgrass prairie that once covered much of this region.

Chapel Walk and Landscape
The walk to the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel cuts a path through the oak-hickory woodland with native woodland wildflowers. Wildflowers are best in spring and fall. A collection of redbud trees represents every available variety. The prairie where the chapel resides is planted with a variety of native wildflowers and grasses.

Rock & Waterfall Garden
The Rock & Waterfall Garden is a stream and woodland garden where you can find plants that thrive in shade. Its most popular display includes masses of hardy azaleas and rhododendrons. Masses of other shade-loving perennials including ferns, bleeding hearts, hostas, astilbes, giant butterburs and spring bulbs create beauty all season.

Perennial Garden
The Perennial Garden includes 3.5 acres of perennials of every flavor! Come explore the series of garden “rooms” and themes to gather ideas for your home garden.

The Byron Shutz Nature Trail
Take a look at the “wild side” of Powell Gardens on this 3.25-mile nature trail with interpretative signs along the way. Learn more about the trail.

Botanica Gardens
Address: 701 Amidon St, Wichita, KS 67203-3199
Phone: (316) 264-0448

Botanica is located in the heart of Wichita, Kansas near the Arkansas River. This wonderful botanical garden on the banks of the Arkansas River features a rainbow of fascinating gardens, including an Entrance Garden, a Wildflower Woodland, an Evaluation Garden, a Teaching Garden, an Entry Garden, a Wildflower Meadow, a Shakespearean Garden, a Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, a Butterfly Garden, a Centennial Pavilion, a Pinetum, a Juniper Garden, a Rose Garden, a Rockery Garden, a Fountain Garden, an Aquatic Collection, a Peony Collection, a Three Season Perrenial Border, a Terrace Garden, a Woodland Walk, a Greenhouse, a Woodland Glade and a Butterfly House.

The Gardens are open 9am-5pm, Mon-Sat, year-round.
Open by appointment or by accident.

Bartlett Arboretum
Post Office Box 871
Belle Plaine, Kansas 67013
PHONE: 620.488.3451

This important 20 acre Arboretum was begun in 1910 and contains displays mature trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers, native and exotic, that tolerate the Kansas climate. An extensive formal garden includes courtyards, hedge-bordered beds, terraces, sunken areas and fountains.

Carlyle Garden Labyrinth
Address: Carlyle, Iola, KS 66749
Phone: (620)365-5312.

This private garden contains a large labyrinthine path, plus habitat for Monarch butterflies. The website is filled with lovely photos of plants and butterflies. Please call to schedule a visit.

Helen Cuddy Memorial Rose Garden & Memorial Arboretum
Address: Johnson County Parks and Recreation. Antioch Park,
6501 Antioch Road, Merriam, KS
Phone: (913)831-3355.

This gracious rose garden displays 625 rose bushes plus a fountain, an iris garden, a mixed bed of colorful flowers and a perennial bed. Nearby are two Xeriscape Gardens and the Arboretum.

Toad Hollow Daylily and Iris Farm
Address: 1534 Road 170, Emporia, KS 66801
Phone: (620) 343-8655
Daylily Open Garden 2015
Saturday & Sunday, June 27-28
Saturday & Sunday, July 4-5
Hours: 10 am to 2 pm
Garden Visits
Please call one day ahead!
Visits are by appointment only.
Phone: 620-343-8655

An American Hemerocallis Society daylily display garden, this private 2 acre garden features hundreds of daylilies, a hosta shade garden, a 30’ diameter round formal peony and daylily bed, a lilac border garden and a roadside bed. These features combine with the massive hillside garden for a peaceful retreat in the country. Plants are showcased amid an assortment of statuary, gazing balls, limestone retaining walls, two stone stairs and a wonderful assortment of stone architectural pieces from Emporia’s past, including the old Butcher School, the YMCA Building, the Santa Fe Depot, and the old drive-in theatre ticket booth. The newest feature is the K P & L and ESU Memorial Union Grand Stairway. Note: Please see website for tour hours.

Reinisch Rose Garden and Doran Rock Garden
Address: Gage Park, 4320 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka, KS 66604
Phone: (785)267-1156.

This All America Rose Selections accredited garden exhibits over 6,500 plants and 400 varieties of roses with peak blooming times in late May into early June, and early to mid-September. Adjacent is the Logan Test Garden, a reflecting pool and the Doran Rock Garden which includes tulips and annuals.

The Reinisch Rose Garden and Doran Rock Garden is located within Gage Park. Gage Park is a beautiful 160 acre park and is one of the star attractions in Topeka. Gage Park has a history dating back to 1899, when the heirs of Guilford Gage donated 80 acres of land west of Topeka between 6th and 10th Streets.

Gage Park has been making memories since 1899, and continues to play a significant role in the lives of the citizens of Topeka and northeast Kansas. Whether you are planning a family reunion, a birthday party, a corporate picnic, a wedding, or simply enjoying a day in the park, Gage Park offers a variety of things to do and see for persons of all ages.

Ted Ensley Gardens
Address: 3650 SE West Edge Road, Topeka, KS 66605
Administration Office
(785) 251-2600
Hours 6:00 am – 11:00 pm

Located on the West side of scenic Lake Shawnee with a panoramic view of the lake, these excellent gardens consist of nearly 20 acres. Entering through a 60′ covered bridge, visitors can enjoy a meditation garden, rock gardens, many annual and perennial beds, rose gardens, and water gardens. Features include a gazebo, pergola, waterfalls, streams, and several ponds. The gardens are especially spectacular in the spring when 80,000 tulips and daffodils are in full bloom for the annual Tulip Time in Topeka. In May more than 90,000 annuals are planted in beds throughout the gardens.